Research based e-coaching Apps

Within The LearnScape we build specific coaching widgets for to make coaching more effective, more convenient, and more accessible than ever before.

For the first time, software apps are used to establish clear professional or educational development objectives, develop action plans for improvement, and receive timely coaching tips - all through the convenience of the same connected devices they use every day.

What can e-Coaching do for you

Set Goals and Track Progress.

Use our Goals widget to set goals in your focus area and make sure you stay on track.

  • Create step-by-step plans that detail exactly how you'll succeed.
  • Set up goal reminders and check-ins to make sure you stay on target.
  • Create group goals for team assignments
  • Personal coaching plans by a lecturer or coach will make sure you both know where you are in your journey 

Complete Coaching Exercises

We can provide practical tips and advice on how you employees or students develop their skills and improve their results. Our coaching exercises have been developed by industry experts. Each exercise is a mini-action plan designed to help you succeed.

Secure Bragging Rights on the Leaderboard with Gamification

Receive points every time you achieve a goal, complete an exercise, or help your team to perform. Watch your ranking rise as you make the investment in yourself and your teammates.

Check Your Team's Improvement Progress

Our tailored Development Dashboard provides a heads-up view of your team members and details their recent progress against their goals. Quickly determine who's flying high and who might benefit from a bit of your help.

Capture Coaching Notes and Assignments

Use your the Development Dashboards to capture the highlights of your coaching sessions with your team members. Choose from a variety of ready-made templates or create one of your own. Quickly capture to-do items, and set reminders for their completion.

Get Timely Coaching Tips from the Habit of Improvement Experts

Leaders can receive expert tips that are specific to the development area they're coaching at the time.

  • Coaching guides offer troubleshooting tips and suggestions
  • Includes areas of sales leadership, coaching, and management
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency during 1-to-1 coaching sessions

Bring the Outside Experts In

Trainers and Coaches can build coaching packages that provide reinforcement and context for their expert recommendations.

  • Create custom packages for your customers or students
  • Build your own White Labeled LearnScape to connect with your coachee's or customers
  • Create communities of learners who benefit from your expertise and let the knowledge flow

Download our research.

The Impact of an online evidence-based coaching program on goal striving, subjective well-being, and level of hope.



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