Social Apps

"Training often gives people solutions to problems already solved.
Collaboration addresses challenges no one has overcome before"

Marcia Conner

It's not social media, it's bringing social learning to work.


We took the things that you love about social media and designed them for learning: ease of use, fast ways to share knowledge and great ways to find tools and content when you need it. By using these social apps in a learning context, we've created a powerful but enjoyable learning experience. It works with your existing organization and helps you become more collaborative.

Your Learnscape combines built-in apps: e-coaching tools,  blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, microblogs and wikis to create a lean and social learning place. You can use them together, or only the ones you need. Our LearnScape architecs will work with you to build a tailored learning environment for your organisation. Your learners and coaches will love it and IT can rest easy knowing that the platform requires no extra efforts from them. 

We will build custom widgets to integrate with your current learning. Performance management systems focussed on the individual learner.

Why use social apps for learning?

They're built to collaborate


Social apps were built to collaborate and communicate, each one has its purpose. TheLearnScape's powerful, channel-based system allows you to create multiple instances of each app - like a Forum discussions about a learning event, and a  blog to share best practices.

You can even group apps together into private learning rooms with conversation management by dedicated experts for every focus area inside your LearnScape.

Everyone already uses them


If your staff uses social media apps at home - like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox and Wikipedia - then they'll know how to use TheLearnScape. 

The interface is easy to use, friendly and builds off existing experiences your users have. Things like activity streams, comments, ratings and the ability to like or share posts make your LearnScape easy and enable natural interactions. It's all built-in.

Used for knowledge sharing


Unlike consumer-grade tools, TheLearnScape was designed for sharing knowledge from the start. We're a 100% cloud solution securely hosted in Savvis data centers.

Because we're designed for knowledge sharing in organizations, we can integrate with your existing authentication systems, security protocols, learning - and performence management systems. Every aspect of TheLearnScape platform is designed to scale with your business.

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