The LearnScape is a learning eco-system used to bridge the knowledge gaps in your organization.

Social learning features and continuous coaching build into a platform to create a sharing culture where performance is managed on a personal level.  It's easy to use, and even easier to customize.



Learning Redefined:
Empower the Individual 

Companies spend more than $130 billon on training and development worldwide, yet struggle to provide a modern online learning experience. At the same time, traditional employee training is being revolutionized by virtual classrooms and learning-centric models. An explosion of content is delivered over a variety of new online and mobile platforms aiming to make learning a lean experience. The employee own his development path. Relevant content is consulted, when needed in his  preferred format, making online learning an accessible tool and a compelling experience. 

By empowering employees to become equal partners in the learning process, HR organizations can foster a culture of knowledge sharing and growth - driving performance, engagement, and career development.

Bridge the Knowledge Gap & Create an Organizational Skill Supply Chain

The successful transfer of knowledge between organizational units is critical for a number of organizational processes and performance outcomes. Organizations should strive to access knowledge within their organizations as easily as a google search. Subject-matter authered content needs to flow throught the organization for collaborative use and social learning puposes, bridging (regional) departments independent of corporate hierarchy and formal roles, with one purpose: the flow of knowledge through the organization.

In the learning organization social learning-ecosystems allow employees to continously upgrade skills by incorperating  learning into everyday work experience. Skills are acquired and developed rapidly and therefore employees will not only become more capable, but also more loyal to the organization. 

Performance Management Made Personal

Leading organizations are replacing annual evaluation cycles by ongoing feedback and coaching designed to promote continuous employee development. Typically "rank and yank" has been found to demoralize and organizations aim to replace those systems. High performance teams take ownership of their own development and collaborate to improve their capabilities.

Keeping high performers happy and offering practical advice for lower performers is key. Group performance, individual focus area, social score are as important the more output based classical measument indicators. Leaders hold everyone individually accountable, but give everyone coaching, development planning, and training to improve. Tailored personal dashboard give an accurate overview of  performance aligned with corporate goals.

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